Faet’s debut single “Face It” urges women to embrace their authentic selves

FAET just released their bold debut single “Face It,” a powerful anthem that challenges the pressures placed on girls growing up. The song confronts societal expectations around sexuality and body image, addressing how women often feel compelled to create a false version of themselves to fit in.

The track is an anthem for all those women, encouraging them to shed that fake persona and embrace their true selves. As frontwoman Mandy James says, “You don’t owe anyone anything – live your authenticity and resist the confines of a patriarchal, heterosexual world. You can be so much more
than that.”

The track specifically tells the story of one girl who faces the challenges of growing up queer in a world that pressures her to conform. With honest and authentic lyrics that cut through as if the singer is talking directly to you, the song speaks to the pain of trying to fit in, and the triumph of embracing one’s true

Musically, “Face It” blends elements of girlish whimsy with bells, a tambourine and beautiful harmonies, alongside punk and metal influences with screams of anger and fast, metal-inspired drum beats. This unique mix, a style FAET calls ‘Whimsipunk’ invites listeners to frolic or mosh along, embodying the song’s spirit of joyful rebellion and self-empowerment.

FAET is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Mandy James, supported by her former Saturn Return bandmates Lebb O Nidus and Amber McDonald, along with Shane Kayat. The name FAET combines the word ‘Fae’ with the word ‘Fate’. The fae (fairy-like creatures) are often believed to be cute and innocent, but they have an edge, much like FAET’s music. Mandy James never really intended to start her own band at all, but the circumstances of life pushed her from many directions into this project, and it felt so perfect—like fate.

Heavily inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement, FAET is proudly feminist and part of the LGBTQ+ community. Their music addresses important themes such as queer empowerment, body positivity, female friendship and rebirth.

“Face It” is a perfect example of their commitment to creating music that resonates with those who struggle against societal norms and pressures. They are also inspired by the resurgence of spirituality and folklore. Their releases will all feature tarot-card-style cover art, with the band intending to create their own oracle deck eventually. They believe magic is woven through life, and folklore holds empowering messages that we’ve forgotten about in the modern world.