Nastiriff’s new video “Bang” offers an explosion of emotion and reflection 

Try to picture what happens in a mind full of turmoil? What do you see? Is it something disjointed? Perhaps scribbles? Hold that thought, now think about what it sounds like? What do you hear? Screaming?

Nastiriff captures this turmoil both sonically and visually in “Bang” successfully translating anguish into music and imagery.

Right from the start of listeners are thrust into a representation of chaos. Through raspy vocals, the song narrates the heartbreaking experience of losing a loved one to suicide, juxtaposed at moments with the internal conflict of suicide ideation. Vocalist Gavin Willmers describes the song’s inception as, “A story that needed to be told.”

His assertion proves itself true. The punk and grunge infused track serves as a safe space for an expression of emotion, particularly grief, or even anger. 

The music video oscillates between visuals of the band’s live performances and images depicting carnage, done through the use of historical footage of destruction. These visuals illustrate the mental scramble caused by death and, in a stroke of genius, the use of flames adequately depicts the violence of grief. The deliberately grim and grimy visuals mirror the emotional aftermath, emphasising the rawness of one’s feelings.

With its hard-hitting sound and explosive music video, “Bang” challenges listeners to confront something difficult, delivered with both sensitivity and boldness.