On The Record powered by Shure is TATC’s new event series that celebrates the power of storytelling

Rick & Morty, Thelma & Louise, Donkey & Shrek – like all iconic duos since before we can remember, Music & Storytelling have gone hand-in-hand. 

Texx and the City’s new event series, On The Record powered by Shure, is all about celebrating this iconic duo, centering each performance around the Music as well as the Storytelling element attached to it. 

From July to November 2024, six musicians will craft illuminating, introspective sets that will take you on a journey of their choosing, explaining the stories behind their most celebrated songs.   

Taking place at The Outlore Base, 80 Hout Street in Cape Town, the venue will be transformed and styled for each show to reflect the mood, but most importantly, the tale that each musician wants to tell.

Check out the full line-up and event details below.

4 July – Kujenga

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/4aNyqgN

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/3yXjkYK

1 August – ISO

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/3yXhWW2

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/3Re6dZA

5 September – Majozi

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/3KxiIf9

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/3Vecky7

3 October – Steven Dayvid McKellar (Civil Twilight)

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/3Kwxy5z

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/3V9Pxnb

24 October – The Plastics 

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/4e86irH

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/4c723uK

1 November – Dr Lovefield & Friends

Ticket Link https://bit.ly/3KBvEQY

Facebook Event https://bit.ly/4bTslRy

On The Record is powered by Shure in association with Jägermeister and Ray-Ban.