The Govt. chat about the epic Aandklas Battle of the Bands that’s back this year

The Govt. are two of our favourite dudes. When we urgently needed a band to perform at an event we did at the end of last year, they willing stepped up to the plate and put on a stellar set to a half-empty venue. That’s the kind of attitude that’ll get you very, very far.

And it’s thanks to their win at Aandklas’ Battle of the Band in 2023 that we discovered them. The competition is back this year so we thought we’d have a quick chat with the guys about the way in which the competition changed things for them.

TATC: How did the Aandklas Battle of the Bands influence The Govt. as a band?

The AK BOTB23 was absolutely befuck! We came in as a brand new act, literally playing our debut show as a band in our first round, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better start to this journey as The Govt. Showcasing material and going up against some A-tier acts while you do so is the best way to cut your teeth and see what you’re made of. Most importantly, the networking and marketing bay bay!

Since participating in the battle we were able to use the prize to put directly back into the band. This was a big deal for us as that allowed us to establish relationships with AK and other venues, finish and release our debut album Friendly Neighbourhood Conspiracies, shoot our first music video, go on two nationwide tours, and the list goes on!

The Govt. will forever be grateful to our amazing AK familia for the support and opportunities that have come our way. We wear the champion belt with pride and can’t wait to see the next entries!

TATC Why would you advise other bands to enter the Aandklas Battle of the Bands?

Taking part in the AK battle is easily one of the best decisions we made. The amazing opportunities and contacts that have come our way since winning the battle last year is testament to that. We have had the opportunity to tour, record and build a fanbase of beautiful Stellies faces that we get to see at our shows. It’s really a no-brainer. Plus you get to GOOI JOU NANAS on Aandklas’ world-class sound, so there’s really no negative points to speak of. All You have to do is bring your A-game and be the professional beast you know yourself to be.

Texx: Any final thoughts on Aandklas as a whole?

AK is The Govt.’s second home. Best bands. Great Sound. Amazing Pizza. Literally the most supportive group of people who actively work at improving and building the scene and giving musos a platform to do their thing.