Year Of Dogs’ new single “Just Life” is the start of a whole new chapter

Few indie bands put as much work into marketing a release like Year Of Dogs, and the release for their new single “Just Life” is no different, complete with a You Magazine-esque zine that puts you in the picture (sort of) with where each member is currently at in their lives.

The fact that Nic Van Graan (vocalist) immigrated to the Netherlands last year and somehow they’ve managed to make it work and record new music, is impressive to say the very least. I know bands that struggle to keep it together – and they all live in the same suburbs. But I’m grateful that YOD have stuck it out.

I actually had no idea how much I missed their jangling indie-pop melodies until I heard “Just Life”. Produced by HONEYMOAN’s Josh Berry and mastered by Mike Zietsman (PHFAT), lyrically it deals with how life can be severely unpredictable, bolstered by a catchy pop-rooted chorus and welcome electric guitar melody that rounds things off.

I’m interested to see how they’re going to navigate this new chapter of releases and gigs. It’s taken them a minute but it feels like they’ve finally found a way forward.