Ziggy Alberts releases emotionally-charged new single ‘Outlaw’

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts‘ new single “Outlaw” is an emotionally-charged track that offers a candidly personal glimpse of Alberts’ growth as both an artist and individual.

“Outlaw” is a poignant reflection on shedding societal expectations and embracing one’s true self. When asked about what the song means to him, Alberts explained, “This song is about changing course for the better. Standing up for yourself more often. Being kinder, letting yourself be a little more human.”

Co-produced by Garrett Kato, whose collaborative efforts have previously yielded the critically acclaimed Laps Around The Sun album, ‘Outlaw’ features Ziggy’s emotive vocals layered over rich guitar tones, creating a captivating blend of rock, folk, and pop influences akin to The Lumineers early work.

The recording process for “Outlaw” was also marked by moments of artistic exploration. Under Kato’s guidance, Alberts pushed the boundaries of his vocal range, resulting in raw and emotive performances that elevate the track to new heights. 

The track marks another standout release for the artist who’s in the throes of his extensive 2024 World Tour, and hopefully South Africans won’t have to wait too long until he graces us with another string of shows.