Ziggy 4x’s “Slat Los” illustrates SA’s diverse drill scene

With its dark synths and trap style hi-hats, drill has become a dominant feature in popular music. A young group of rappers is pioneering the integration of this genre into the local music scene, showcasing their versatility in different languages.

Cape Town’s Ziggy 4x makes his contribution by taking on drill in Afrikaans, delivering witty, confident lyrics, and his latest single “Slat los” stands out as a powerful collaborative effort. 

The track is a masterclass in delivery, blending hard, insatiable rhymes with meticulously produced beats. Ziggy 4x enlists the help of 25K & Loatinova to bring the song to life. The meeting of Pretoria and Cape Town results in a hard-hitting, memorable tune.

Each of the three rappers showcases what makes them some of the best in the game at the moment, with clever one-liners.

The song’s accompanying video evokes a nostalgic 2000’s aesthetic, following Ziggy 4x through a day in his neighbourhood as he navigates the challenges of trying to survive. Vibrant colours enrich the narrative, adding depth to the visual storytelling.

Ziggy 4x has had an impressive trajectory since the release of his debut single “Honne” and if “Slat Los” is anything to go by, he has has a bright future ahead of him.