Craig Lucas new single “Falling In Love” is for the red flag collectors

Craig Lucas is an exceptional songwriter. A quick peruse at his top tracks on Apple Music reads like a top 10 hit list straight off KFM.

His latest single, “Falling in Love”, is a light indie-pop track that dives headfirst into the chaos of unrequited affection and the hilarity that ensues, as Craig draws on personal experiences to breathe a bit of lyrical grit into this track.

“This song is my anthem to the chaos of chasing boys who are unavailable,” Craig laughs over our casual catch-up. “I joke about needing heartbreak for inspiration, but this track proves it! It’s about a particular boy I fell for after just one night together—a reminder of how embarrassingly fast I catch feelings, especially for those who aren’t available in that way. There’s something thrilling about falling for someone who’s always just a bit out of reach. It’s chaotic, it’s painful, and if you step back, it’s kind of hilarious. This track is me owning up to my messy love life. What’s a little heartbreak anyway?”

Co-written alongside Jethro Tait, Craig’s most frequent writing partner that he’s been working with since the beginning of his career, Craig explained why the two of them are so in sync saying, “We’re both a bit antisocial and very introverted, and we listen to the same type of music. We also won reality singing competitions, which adds another layer to our connection. Our similar personalities made our first few writing sessions a little awkward. I was so stressed, thinking he hated me and thought I sucked. But after a couple of sessions, we realized how alike we were, and the music just started flowing.”

The last song Craig and Jethro wrote together was “Weirdo” back in 2021. Since then they’ve both become independent artists and have leaned a lot on each other in terms of their shared career struggles. As a result they’re both in a much lighter space, which has inevitably spilt over into the breezy melody of “Falling in Love”.

With Craig currently working on what he’s calling “his most personal album yet”, lyrically it will deal with depression, substance abuse, and Craig’s unwavering tendency to repeatedly fall for losers who don’t deserve him. You know that album’s gonna SLAP.