Journey through local shoegaze with Filthy Hippies’ Share the Pill

It’s fair to say that shoegaze is having a moment in local music right now, and Cape Town rockers Filthy Hippies are one of the bands leading the charge.

Following their 2021 releases Animal Farm and Departures, their new album Share the Pill continues with an ethereal feel while showcasing a grittier side to the group too.

The album opens with the characteristically high-energy track “We All Fall Down” before transitioning into ‘Walk the Sun’, setting the stage for a diverse listening experience. 

Tracks like “Share the Pill” and “You’ll Forgive Me (When I’m Clean)” stand out as Cocteau Twins-inspired highlights, while “Good Time” and “Dead Flowers” illustrate the heavier aspects of the project. 

The album may have many moments of stagnation, but Filthy Hippies manage to showcase their depth by exploring different styles, capturing both the complexities and mundane aspects of our common human experience.

Reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Tokyo Shoegazer, Share the Pill is a dream-like wandering of the mind, taking listeners on a whimsical but worthwhile ride.