Planet Karavan event offers a glimpse into Pretoria’s vibrant music scene

The kids are alright, a proclamation made by The Who in 1965 perfectly describes Pretoria’s vibrant music scene. This was demonstrated at Railways Café during a show curated by Planet Karavan. At Invader Express Vol. 1, four bands showcased the city’s best, offering a glance into the future of its musical economy. 

The event’s theme cleverly aligns with Planet Karavan’s mission to shake up the local music industry. Founder Mia Van Der Heever explains, “We want to change the landscape of bookings and shows by creating a platform for what the youth are into. We also want to stop the cycle of repetition so audiences can get new experiences.” This statement proved true as Skrikkeljaar, a local high school band, opened the night with an impressive set. 

BCOM stole the show with their interactive, polished set blending English, Afrikaans, punk and jazz. Their ability to engage with a crowd hints at their potential future success, while Highway Apostles followed with a powerful set highlighting their bluesy rock sound.

Crash and the Void showed off their growth by closing with a lively performance incorporating green and pink balloons thrown amongst the audience. 

Looking forward, Mia emphasises, “We’re here to create a safe space for people to enjoy shows and will continue to encourage the growth of the scene by giving younger bands a voice. We also want to diversify who gets exposure regardless of race, class and gender.”

With the support of those investing in up-and-coming artists, the local music scene is set to flourish in coming years.

Invader Express Vol. 1 was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression with its passionate performances. As Double Sun’s Wessels Möller aptly remarked, “If this is the younger generation, then I might as well retire now because the future is here, and it’s incredibly bright.”

Feature image courtesy of Aheesh Singh.