Opinion Review

We Are Charlie: Let’s Stare At The Sun

Since their inception in 2014, Pretoria-based indie-rock outfit We Are Charlie have not been idle. ‘Let’s Stare at the Sun’ serves as the lead single off their third EP, “The Sad Kind of Happy”, which is due to drop later this year. Unless you’re one of those sungazers who rely on the sun for nourishment, the title seems to be a bit of a bad idea. However, the track largely revolves around the idea of being proudly South African within ones music – this being a significant topic of interest within the local music scene of late.

The track opens on a whining, old-school guitar riff which dominates largely throughout. Straightforward and to the point, with simplistic drum-work and a dulled baseline, the melody possesses a slightly one-dimensional quality. The lyrical quality, on the other hand, makes up for what is lost within the symphonic aspect as Dylan Christie blatantly spits truths about our westernised society: “And all you kids don’t want to play in the sand/ ’cause you work hard so you can buy all the brands/ you want a dollar bill but you’ve got R20.”

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