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Chaos Doctrine: Choas Doctrine

There’s no doubt that the big four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer) have influenced many bands around the world but few can funnel the fury and aggression. But Joburg thrashers Chaos Doctrine have just released a self-titled album that would leave a young Kerry King’s beard frazzled – in the best way possible.

The album oozes ’80s metal from top to bottom, creating pure thrash and industrial yumminess. It’s hard to believe that the five-piece has only been around for a year – although none of the band members are scene rookies.

With eight tracks on the release, expect a good ear-bashing. The production quality is superb and the tracks flow from intro to end. Opening the album is a haunting horror soundscape that transports the listener to the deeply disturbed parts of the mind. The soundscape flows into the first track which is tainted with a Pantera-esque feel.

Lower down the track list is the highlight ‘Helix’. It opens with what can be described as the mechanical buzz of a tattoo gun and then things get instrumentally heavy. But here’s the catch, the track drips into the next song ‘Incubator’ and progresses into a powerful vocalised piece of work. It’s pretty spectacular pacing.

This is a release worthy of praise and most definitely a must-have for fans of ’80s metal.

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