Zulu Mkhathini delivers a rich ode to the spirit of ubuntu in his new single and video, “Lendlela”

Ahead of the release of his debut album SPIRIT OF UBUNTU, Zulu Mkhatini drops the album ethos in the form of the lead single, “Lendlela”. 

Veering from the hip-hop trajectory, which has become a driving force within the African music culture over the last decade or so, he opts instead for a more traditionalist approach to African sound – a nuanced combination of jazz, pop, and hip hop delicacies, awash in an overriding earthy Africanism. 

His goal is to pay tribute to Ubuntu his own way – via an organic transgression of sound as he navigates the coming of age journey which has brought him here.

It’s captivating, rousing, anthemic – combining choice elements of saxxapone, keys, rolling vocals and a propelling beat which results in a full-bodied offering – as explosive as it is steeped in traditionalist melodic influence. 

The video navigates sweeping vistas, rolling hay-bale hills, and continental sunsets with an ever-present visual social commentary. From army gear, to tanks, rifles to child play, a colour-soaked visual juxtaposes the reality of downtrodden adults with the carefree children of the next generation. And Mkhathini drives home his enigmatic message with refreshing authenticity.

Feature pic supplied by artist