Nalu’s video for “Malachite and Melanin” is a sensual celebration of the slow life

Cape Town-born singer-songwriter, Nalu, creates a soft, feminine and holistic experience with “Malachite and Melanin” a second holy collaboration between her and Snoop Dogg-owned, LA-based record label, Death Row Records. The track is an honest and royal introduction to her brand new, powerful and confident sound. 

Moving to LA, signing with a new record label and exploring her individuality, “was whirlwind, of not only work, but finding a new community as well,” says Nalu, however that hasn’t halted her from creating sounds that reflect her stances, beliefs and powerful feminine inspirations with a South African influence.

Raised with the “fabrics of meditation, prayer and spirituality” woven into the seams of her childhood “Malachite and Melanin” is a tribute to R&B, jazz and a testament to her smooth, complex vocals. The track shimmers, and warps from a soft drum whisk into plucky pulls on heavy bass guitars.

The track also explores its holistic inspirations and divine themes through evocative lyricism. “I am a child of the sun/ Sun with a mosaic heart” had me reeling with excitement. “Malachite and Melanin” takes sounds we are so used to hearing – the gemstones of R&B, jazz and Urban Adult contemporary and throws them amongst the sage and incense of Nalu’s individuality, giving life to an anthem we’ve all been hearing in our heads, but could never actualise. 

The video, directed by Evolve Keep Changing aficionado, Ryan Hing, and shot by award-winning cinematographer, Masedi Ranyane, is a slow, sensual celebration of soft afternoon divinity and midday sun passions. Shot in the heart and wilds of Cape Town, it’s not only a showcase of Nalu’s roots but also a spotlight on the evolution of her career.

From “Heart of Femininity” and “Sweet Nothing”, to the new age of “Malachite and Melanin” Nalu’s new LA-inspired, but uniquely South African sound is destined to sage all of our hearts.