Cindy-Louise’s reflects on the creation of her new album Whispers of a Kingdom

Cindy-Louise, originally hailing from South Africa and now based in the Netherlands, is a dynamic singer-songwriter who has made waves in the alternative rock scene. Known for her captivating vocals and poignant songwriting, Cindy-Louise has garnered attention for her ability to blend genres seamlessly and tell compelling stories through her music. With a diverse musical background and a commitment to authenticity, she brings raw emotion to her songs, captivating audiences worldwide.

We delve into Cindy-Louise’s musical journey, exploring her evolution as an artist and the inspiration behind her latest single ‘Burn and Fall’ and album ‘Whispers of a Kingdom.’ Join us as we uncover the depths of her creativity and the heartfelt narratives that define her music.

Q: Drawing from your South African roots and now Netherlands-based career, your music is celebrated for its emotional depth and authenticity, connecting with audiences globally. Can you share with us the specific experiences or pivotal moments, perhaps influenced by your multicultural background, that have profoundly shaped your unique songwriting journey?

Cindy-Louise: I am eternally grateful for the ample opportunities I had to travel extensively in my early years. Exposure to a variety of cultures and experiences has significantly contributed to my growth, both as an artist and as an individual. This has broadened my understanding of the world and instilled in me an eagerness to learn every day. It is also noteworthy to acknowledge the instrumental role my mother played in my life. Her constant encouragement and support have been pivotal in attaining numerous life goals. Without the unyielding perseverance and drive imparted by both of my parents, I would not be the hardworking individual I am today.

Q: Your music beautifully transcends genres, seamlessly blending elements of alternative rock, pop, and more. Could you elaborate on your approach to crafting your distinct sound? How do you navigate the creative process to ensure your music resonates with listeners across various musical preferences and backgrounds, while still staying true to your artistic vision and identity?

Cindy-Louise: As a composer, my approach to creating music involves visualizing a narrative or scene in my mind. Following this, I strive to articulate this story through music, selecting the most suitable instrumentation to complement and enhance the emotional content of the narrative. This methodology remains consistent even when I blend different genres, ensuring that my personal storytelling style remains distinct and easily identifiable.

Q: Your new album ‘Whispers of a Kingdom’ marks a significant milestone in your career. Could you provide us with an insight into the themes and messages that are explored throughout this album? How do these themes reflect your personal experiences and artistic evolution, and what do you hope listeners will take away from this musical journey?

Cindy-Louise: Creating a second album is indeed a significant achievement and leap forward, and I am grateful for the unwavering support from my audience. This is a noteworthy milestone considering the considerable progress I have made since I began my journey of writing and releasing music. With every song, I evolve, and it evokes immense pride in me to acknowledge my continuous growth on this remarkable path. My aim was to immerse the listeners in a surreal ambiance, where hope shines the brightest. Irrespective of the circumstances, one should always remember that they possess an innate strength that empowers them to overcome any hurdle.

Q: ‘Burn and Fall’ stands as your latest single, showcasing your continuous evolution as an artist. Could you delve into the inspiration behind the creation of this song? Furthermore, what messages or emotions do you aim to convey to your listeners through this track, and what impact do you hope it will have on them?

Cindy-Louise: I am confident that you, the listener, will be captivated by the track BURN AND FALL. It’s imbued with a modern and dance like energy and features the signature elements that define my unique writing and singing style. The sentiment behind this song is the power of understanding and taking the higher ground. This track underscores the importance of consistent kindness and authenticity, cautioning that deception and dishonesty are the seeds of one’s own undoing. It also highlights the courage required to tread the righteous path. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it.

Q: Collaborations have been a significant aspect of your musical journey, with each one offering a unique creative experience. Could you share with us your experience collaborating with other artists, such as Erick Gerber on ‘Outcasts’? How does collaborating influence your creative process, and what do you believe it adds to your music?

Cindy-Louise: Partnering with an artist who aligns perfectly with your creative aspirations is always an exhilarating experience, one that truly propels your artistic growth and nudges you to venture beyond your comfort zone. I am a staunch advocate for singers and songwriters to unite and draw knowledge from one another, particularly in terms of crafting lyrics and cultivating unique thought processes. My passion for learning is boundless and I’ve gleaned invaluable insights from extraordinary artists like Erick.

Q: Your music frequently explores themes of empowerment and self-discovery, seamlessly blending vulnerability with strength. How do you navigate this delicate balance in your songwriting process? Can you share any insights into how you draw from personal experiences to create songs that resonate deeply with listeners?

Cindy-Louise: The enchanting aspect of music, in my view, is its universal relatability. There will always be someone who resonates with your message, which is why I strive to cultivate an environment that provides comfort and understanding to those seeking empowerment or emotional connection. When it comes to leveraging personal experiences, I see life as a continuous learning journey. This perspective enables me to delve into various situations, drawing inspiration as needed. I can immerse myself in the scenes I create, understanding and conveying the emotions I wish to evoke in my songs. There are countless ways to approach this, truly showcasing the boundless potential of music.

Q: Reflecting on your discography from the debut single ‘Loving Me in Everyday’ released in 2020 to your new album ‘Whispers of a Kingdom’ (available 12 April), how do you perceive your artistic evolution and growth over the years? Considering the diverse range of themes and styles explored in your releases, such as ‘Butterfly,’ ‘Monster’, and ‘Woman of My Own Damn Mind’, what pivotal moments or experiences, within this timeframe, have contributed most to shaping your musical identity?

Cindy-Louise: There are moments when I’m tempted to respond to this in a more heartfelt and lengthy manner; however, in all honesty, it boils down to my current interest. At times, I crave the rhythmic complexities of jazz, while on other occasions, I’m captivated by the raw energy of rock.

Q: Cindy-Louise, drawing from your extensive experience in the music industry and acknowledging the hurdles like promoting independent releases and establishing a unique brand, what guidance would you extend to emerging artists grappling with similar challenges at the outset of their careers, especially considering your journey as an independent artist?

Cindy-Louise: Assertively, I maintain that self-promotion is essential. Indeed, refining your skills is vital, but what surpasses that is your ability to market yourself. It’s crucial that people recognize you to engage with your music. Unabashedly marketing yourself holds the key to your success.

Q: Cindy-Louise, your ability to encapsulate themes of empowerment and resilience within your music is evident across multiple tracks in your discography. From ‘Loving Me in Everyday,’ where you embrace self-love and acceptance, to ‘Outcasts,’ which celebrates those who defy societal norms, and ‘What You Made Me,’ where you reflect on personal growth despite adversity, your songs resonate deeply with listeners. Could you delve into your creative process further, highlighting how you draw inspiration from these themes and infuse them into your lyrics with such authenticity and emotional depth?

Cindy-Louise: No matter how the focus of my work fluctuates, the core message I persistently encapsulate is that of hope. Regardless of melancholic undertones in some of my songs, I strive to instil a sense of bright light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, it is paramount to me to be genuinely honest and precise in expressing my thoughts. If the message is vague, it essentially communicates nothing.

Q: South Africa has a rich and diverse music scene. How has your South African heritage influenced your music and artistic identity now that you are based in the Netherlands, and how does it compare/differ?

Cindy-Louise: My South African lineage has undeniably enriched me with a pulsating rhythm that I find incredibly advantageous, particularly in the music realm. Music is not just a sound to me, it resonates within me, it is a part of my being. As for my affinity for European influences, I thrive in a contemporary setting that is continuously evolving, a characteristic I often associate with the European milieu.

Q: Your EP ‘What You Made Me,’ released in February, demonstrated a fusion of emotion and theatrical rock, reflecting a significant shift in your musical style. Moving from alternative pop and rock to a more theatrical sound, what inspired this evolution in your music, and how do you perceive its significance in your artistic journey?

Cindy-Louise: I’ve always harboured a dream of writing music for film. And after one of my original songs found its way onto platforms like Mnet and BBC, I realized the potential for my music in the world of cinema and television. My emphasis on theatrical music is not just about the opportunities it presents, but also how beautifully it complements my voice. It’s a match made in heaven, and I am certain it would be just as captivating on the big screen.

Q: As an independent artist, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the music industry, and how have you overcome them?

Cindy-Louise: As an independent artist, you’ll indeed encounter numerous challenges that are akin to climbing mountains. Primarily, finding the time and financial resources to pen and promote your music can feel like a persistent uphill battle. However, the key to surmounting these obstacles lies in perseverance and dedication. You must be willing to work tirelessly, strive for excellence, and never lose sight of your passion. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and giving it your all, day in and day out.

Q: Your song ‘Woman of My Own Damn Mind’ was featured in the TV series ‘Devil’s Peak,’ which aired on DStv M-Net and various global channels. Can you share more about the creative process behind this song and how it felt to have your music featured in such a prominent television series?

Cindy-Louise: Every moment of crafting this song was an absolute joy for me, and it remains my top choice to share at live performances. This song inspires a sense of unapologetic authenticity, encouraging you to go with your own flow. It’s an anthem for confidence and a celebration of womanhood. The thrill of seeing it aired on TV was unparalleled, and I am confident that there are many more such exhilarating experiences on the horizon.

Q: Your music often resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. How do you feel about the connection your fans have with your music?

Cindy-Louise: It’s incredibly exhilarating to know that my song resonates with someone, and that is precisely why I persist.

Q: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from Cindy-Louise in the near future?

Cindy-Louise: There are numerous exciting projects currently underway. I strongly urge your readers to follow me on Instagram, where I frequently offer glimpses into the captivating ventures, I’m immersed in.

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