Arno Carstens reinforces his new identity with the video for “Empire of the Night”

A time-travelling pastiche of 20th century pop-culture, Arno Carsten’s latest video, “Empire of the Night” firmly solidifies his move into the world of 21st century pop.

This year has seen Carstens throw caution to the wind with “Lift My Spirit” and plunge head first into a new musical identity, the guitar-driven ballads of days gone by being replaced by pop beats and an emphasis on electronic melodies.

The transition from rock to pop is the kind of risky endeavour that Carstens has executed to perfection. “Empire of the Night” marries old-school and contemporary sensibilities without losing the trademark sound that Carstens has spent years perfecting.

With the complexity of the current climate of social interaction as the topic of the day, the video dives into the world of nostalgia, throwing more old-school pop-culture references out there than the latest season of Stranger Things.

With the shift in identity that 2019 brought for Arno Carstens one could argue that “Empire of the Night” is symbolic of not just making the most of the cards one is dealt but taking life by the horns and making it your own because after all, “time waits for no-one”.