Ruff Majik give a familiar B-grade movie trope a makeover in their video for “Lead Pills and Thrills”

Ruff Majik once again draw inspiration from the world of B-grade movies in the video for their latest single “Lead Pills and Thrills”.

The third single off the band’s upcoming album, The Devil’s Cattle, sees the band changing things up a bit. Long-time producer and latest member of the band, Evert Snyman throws his vocals into the mix as the band take a piano-driven journey into the world of addiction – Snyman and Johni Holiday’s voices finding the perfect balance between calm and desperation.

In the video Ruff Majik leave the animated world of “Who Keeps Score” and find themselves in a zombie-infested wasteland where the undead seem to have enough brain cells left to run a bar and hold Snyman as a piano-playing hostage.

Where the band’s previous video paid homage to B-grade movies, “Lead Pills and Thrills” goes in a more parodic direction. The highly hammed-up performances of the zombies contrast with the lyrics and the world-weariness of the band, giving the whole production a slightly unsettling edge. 

Just a few tweaks to a genre we’re all so familiar with, are enough to throw the style on its head and give the video a surprisingly nuanced identity.