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Artist Profile: Deon van Zyl

I wanted these artist profiles to be a weekly thing but that didn’t happen purely because I decided, fuck it, let me do these whenever the mood strikes.

Today is one of those days.

Say hello to Deon Van Zyl.

BMK got in there before I did and featured his Tumblr on their site last week, but this ain’t about competition – I see/hear something I like, I punt it, end of story.

Plus, any creative will tell you that the more exposure you get in this bizz the better.

Photographer, musician and whatever-the-hell-else he does during the day, van Zyl is one talented man. I first became familiar with his body of work when I worked with LAVI’s Kenan and he kept rapping on about his housemate’s talent. The rapping was justified.

I love how he’s able to go from a classic batch of black and white snaps to photographing statuesque down-town buildings or rural landscapes, all the while giving each set their own unique air about them. He also recently accompanied Matthew Mole on his first Joburg tour and from the odd pic that was uploaded to Facebook here and there, I’m quite amped to see what stems from that.

Check out some of his work below.

Like what you see? Of course you do. Now follow the dude on Facebook and Tumblr for more eye candy.