Tumi Poet MC

During my show yesterday on Assembly Radio I stumbled upon something super awesome.

For the month of February Tumi Molekane from Tumi and the Volume – magical lyricist and artist to boot – has launched a campaign called #28Days where, for each day during the month of February, he’s giving away one of his songs as a free download.

I shit you not.

But here’s the catch – the song is only available to download for 24 hours on the day it’s released. Thank god I caught this 5 days in and not 25 days in or I would’ve been super annoyed.

Today’s song is called ‘Sun King’ and features Mo Molemi. Tumi also includes a brief write-up on each featured song. About ‘Sung King’ he writes: “Mr Mo is my favourite Maftown rapper. The Beatles my favourite ‘pool band. We remixed one of their songs and went in on a not so fictional character.”

If Facebook is to be believed: “It’s actually not an album. It’s a musical retrospective of songs Tumi has done in the last 10-12 years.” And we thank him for sharing these tunes with us.

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Sun King