Press Release

Shotgun Tori To Release ‘Be Brave’

The first time I saw Shotgun Tori she was covered in glitter standing outside Openroom Studios in Greenside, Jozi waiting to go inside and perform.

She was barefoot on the pavement and I remember thinking, “What a goddam hippie.”

Cut to about two-and-a-half years later and it’s quite a feat when you consider what she’s achieved

With over 300 live performances under her belt, this lady has also graced stages at festivals like Oppikoppi, Strab, Afrika Burns, Mieliepop, Parklife, Rise & Shine and whole host of others. Her single ‘Sweet Weather’, which had a cutesy, fun video to boot, had a 9 week run on the MK Top 10 reaching the coveted number one spot and a receiving a nomination for an MK Award in the “Best Solo” category.

I had the privilege of staying with Shotgun Tori for a week last year in May where I got to know her a little better and let me tell you, this woman bleeds her music. It’s very refreshing to see an artist who gets that candid onstage.

On the 28th of June she releases her first full length album, produced by Jay “Rambling” Bones and engineered at the legendary B# Studios by JP Destefani. On the conception of the album she says: “Making an album started out as the next logical step in my journey. It quickly became something else entirely. It became about choices and finances, and then fundraising, also favours, it ended up with discovering who my heroes are and what it means to be brave.”

When I saw her at the end of last month she asked what “being brave” meant to me and I couldn’t give her answer. It’s a tough question. I suppose having the courage to leave something that’s staple and safe in anticipation of a broader horizon? I recently did that. Kak scary let me tell you, but oh so worth it.  

Shotgun Tori launches her album in Jozi on Friday the 28th of June at Shepstone Gardens in Mountainview and in Cape Town on Saturday the 27th of July at Alma Cafe, 20 Alma Road in Rosebank. Listen and enjoy her new single “Be Brave” below.