Sergeant Pepper #WEAREONE

There are a lot of reasons to love Sergeant Pepper Clothing.

For one, they keep Gangs Of Ballet and Matthew Mole clothed and looking super stylish and for this we thank them. Also, have you seen their models?? Ladies, I know you feel me here.

The slick aesthetics of their brand aside, Sergeant Pepper have managed to progressively create hype around their product without it being forced or fake. You can’t buy that kind of organic publicity.

Now to celebrate all this awesomeness they’re throwing a little shindig on the 7th of December in association with Jack Black beer, in Jozi. This morning they announced Shortstraw as the first band that’ll be rocking the event.

Entrance into this shindig is limited so keep your eyes peeled on this blog and their event in order to get your hands on an invite.