Press Release

Bob Loves Dylan Presents: Grace De La Hunt Performs ‘Trouble’

Bob Loves Dylan’s fifth video features 21-year-old up and coming singer-songwriter Grace de la Hunt. A musical chameleon playing anything from rock and pop to indie and country, Grace is in the process of experimenting with her sound. As director Riordan Allen notes, “Grace completely took us by surprise, she sings with such a pure honesty, we really connected with her performance and I think everyone else will too.”

This specific video took 9 takes, about the number of takes these shows are averaging. “We are quite used to getting the songs we cover stuck in our heads for a few days after shooting but It’s been two weeks since we shot our take away show with Grace and I still find myself whistling her song on a daily basis,” Allen confesses.

Bob Loves Dylan is:
Riordan Allen: Director & Producer
Tecla Ciolfi: Curator & Publisher
Rory Allen: Director of Photography
James Matthes (Pressure Cooker Studios): Mix & Master

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