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Ann Jangle is raising awareness for abused animals & uplifting communities around SA

Six months ago I sold everything I owned and embarked on the most ambitious journey of my life.

My name is Ann Jangle and so far this has been the greatest, most humbling experience of my life.

I have driven roughly 22000kms across South Africa, played over 60 shows, spoke at schools for troubled youth, raised and donated three tonnes of dog food and blankets to three different shelters.

I have helped sterilise animals in Zululand, built dog kennels in Graskop, Mpumalanga, milked my first cow, helped build huts in the Eastern Cape, slept in those huts with their Xhosa families, walked 22 hours on the Trankei coastline, performed in every Province in South Africa, spent all the money we made in the first few months of playing gigs, on tick and flea relief and deworming. We also bought medication for stray dogs in rural areas, to give their immune systems a small chance of survival, as most of them live very short and painful lives. I took many dogs off chains, healed over a hundred wounds and got bitten by a boerboel while essentially trying to save him. The irony.

I have cried tears of joy and then experienced the most panicked state – broken down, a woman alone at 2am in a rural area I couldn’t even pronounce but where I could only make out the words “High Crime Zone” on a traffic sign.

I have prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my life and I have seen some things that made me question whether there is anything spiritual or godly that exists at all.

It’s been one hell of a ride and recently, I took some much needed time out to recharge and work on my strategy going forward.

It’s decided that I will be cycling through Malawi in May through June this year and then joining Willie Badenhorst to kayak on the famous Lake Tanganyika, the longest freshwater lake in the world in aid of raising awareness for abused and endangered animals.

I own one bag of clothes, two dogs, one vehicle, a guitar and I have no place to call home but I have dedicated  my life to giving back.

And I am driven by my two greatest passions – music and animals.

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