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Lighthouse Festival continue to raise the bar for electronic events in SA

We live in a time when experiences are commodified in an effort to imply a higher value than they actually possess.

This seems to have become more prolific in recent years in the music industry. The epic failure of something like Fyre Festival should be all the evidence you need that expensive or exclusive is not necessarily great, and is often pure chaos.

What we should really be looking for, when it comes to these experiences, is not only value for our hard earned money but also the impact these events have on the communities in which they are hosted and the investment they make in the current and future generations of local artists and patrons.

In 2017 when an international event brand, Lighthouse Festival, chose South Africa as the home for its expansion it would have been easy to just assume they would arrive, take our money and leave. Instead, what has transpired is an annual excursion that combines a taste of high calibre international artists with a carefully curated selection of local acts in a showcase of multi-genre electronic music.

They chose to include South African event teams in the logistics of the event, consulted tastemakers and audiences on which artists to consider and each year ensure that the footprint left on the environment at the event venue is kept to a minimum as well. In 2018 they even made contingency plans in light of the water crisis in Cape Town.

Over the last 2 years Lighthouse Festival has provided us the opportunity to experience the likes of Mavi Phoenix, Austrian Apparel, Deep Aztec and Enoo Napa. We were brought to tears by a beautiful performance from HVOB and were blessed to be in the presence of legends like Vinny Da Vinci and Gui Boratto.

2019 promises to deliver an even higher standard of entertainment, providing us the opportunity to witness performances from some of the electronic world’s best kept secrets and artists who may otherwise have not made it to our shores. Added into the mix this year is a free access workshop session, where the business of music will be discussed at the Bridges for Music Academy in Langa. The LHF community initiative aims to help raise funds for the academy through donations and invest in local artists by sharing knowledge at this panel discussion.

Lighthouse Festival has chosen an approach of mutual symbiosis, ensuring that the longterm benefits of this partnership will be felt for both the event and the local industry.

Tickets available here.