Cape Town based lyricist, Human Error, paints an eerie self-portrait in his latest EP, Lotus Error Vol II: The Witching Hour

Lotus Error Vol: II is a showcase of the raw talent that is Human Error. Effortless flow over murky Lo-fi Boom Bap production dominates the tape, and catchy choruses and hooks are sacrificed in favour of gloomy self-reflective lyrics and sharp wordplay, with clever alliteration and thought-provoking metaphors riddled throughout.

The tracks are relatively short and flow into each other with ease. It gets straight to the point in a good way that allows Human Error’s lyricism to really shine. Mixing up aggressively melancholic introspection with the occasional rhyme flex, the artist leaks the unfiltered notes of his mind.  

The isolated self-reflection is evident in lyrics like “I’m steady stressin’, I’m forever second guessing myself” (Witching Hour) and “I take men to the darkest fuckin’ corners of my pen and my sword” (Hopeless Hierarchies) while we see more playful word twisting with lyrics like “I flip these poems, parables and sorted syllables, trippin’ fucking acid seeing Gaia, oh so colourful,” (Twisted Tinctures) and “Painting pictures with my paragraphs, these parables like polaroids and I’m just stacking my stash.” (Two Worlds).

The tape is best listened to as a whole, and is posted as such on SoundCloud – a short but stimulating voyage through the mind of Human Error, whose clean flow and impeccable lyricism make for a strong and enjoyable experience.