Nick James & The Lords bring some magic to the mundane in hazy ’70s-styled video for “Hope You’re Good”

Nick Trethowan plays tunes under the moniker of Nick James & The Lords these days and make cool music videos to go along with them. That’s the gist of it really. “Hope You’re Good” enters as the second single to come out of his lockdown creativity bubble and joins his repertoire alongside a dazey ’70s-inspired visual.

Getting a little more real about things than perhaps his “Lockdown Sonnet” did, “Hope You’re Good” faces mental health issues and anxiety head on – unpicking just what toxic thoughts are triggered in our world of social complexities of miscommunication when quarantined away from the masses.

The cure – which happens to go for most things these days – really just comes down to some quality social time with some good humans. Which is just what the honey-hued video channels. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Staines, it’s a cheeky semi old-school story of a boy, his vintage scooter, his stunt dreams and a crew of homies – pivoted off thumpingly unique indie beats and growling vocalism.

It’s about community in a time of strangeness, the magic of the mundane and a how to get out of that over-thinking rut. Maybe try it sometime – the vintage scooter stunt I mean.