Tiny Tattoo Sessions is your new favourite YouTube series where music, tattoos and interviews collide

What do you get when you combine tattoos, interviews, and live music? Tiny Tattoo Sessions!

Hosted by the legendary Manuela Gray, tattoo artist to rock stars the world over, and fuelled by Fokof Lager, Tiny Tattoo Sessions sees Manuela in her studio located on Cape Town’s Harrington street — her most natural habitat — with her trusty tattoo machine in hand, tattooing away at some of your favourite local musos, asking them the pertinent questions while they have their guard down.

But that’s hardly all, as Manuela’s studio doubles as a stage, showcasing every artist performing acoustic renditions of two of their tracks.

Think: Hot Ones meets NPR Tiny Desk.

Debuting on the 18th of January, the 7-episode Season 1 will be hosted on YouTube, with a new episode dropping every Monday.

The line-up includes: The King of SA Rock, Francois van Coke, multi-instrumentalist and creator or digital soundscapes, Mr Sakitumi, sassy singer-songwriter Tallulah Gray, soul-hoppers Androgenius’ Al Clapper and Callum McDonald, psych-rockers Retro Dizzy’s Richard Liefeldt aka Dr Lovefield, African Queen, artistic expressionist and electro soul songstress PURE, and multi-disciplinary performance artist and fashionista Queezy.

With Adam Bentel as Cinematographer and Director of Photography, Allan Gray as Producer and Assistant Director, Jasper Bailey as Camera Operator, Michael Ellis as Stills Photographer, Fred Den Hartog (Die Heuwels Fantasties) as Sound Engineer, and Manuela Gray as the writer and Creative Director, Sonja Myburgh Ellis as Fokof Lager brand manager, as well as an extended team of assistants, they’ve assembled a small army of some of Cape Town’s finest creatives to bring this project to life.

Whether you’re here for the music, the (crazy) ink, or to get to know some of your favourite musos more intimately, you’re in for a buffet of a treat.

The YouTube channel will launch simultaneously with their first episode, but in the meanwhile you can follow @tinytattoosessions on Instagram to stay up to date with their release schedule.

All photos courtesy of Michael Ellis.