Artist Profile: Two Minute Puzzle

My discovery of Two Minute Puzzle was as follows…

Rio: Teccles, you listen to those songs I sent you?
Me: Uuuh. No.
Rio: Uuuh, well you’re a reTARD because they’re awesome. And when do I ever say that a band is awesome?
Me: Never. So like, you think I should check them out then?
Rio: Yes.

Now what I find quite strange is why I’ve never heard of this duo before.

What’s even stranger is how I haven’t managed to stumble upon one of their performances lately. They featured on the Cool as Folk lineup at The Assembly last month and they’ve also played The Harley Davidson Club. They even performed at my beloved &Union a few weeks ago and I still managed to miss them.

So I spent the entire morning listening to all their songs on their Sound Cloud page and I must say, I’m quite impressed – with the quality of the song writing, with the sweet twangyness of the vocals and the way they switch between folk and blues so effortlessly.

Have a listen to ‘Die Alone’ below, their most recent addition and by far my favourite. ‘Turning Away’ featuring the delicious Jeremy Loops on harmonica is another stellar winner.

Die Alone by Two Minute Puzzle

Their next gig is at The Assembly on the 21st of May. I would go check them out if I were you. You’re welcome.

All live photos courtesy of Wesley Davis.

(Side Note: I’ve subsequently been informed by Andrew that Two Minute Puzzle don’t always perform as an acoustic duo and that they like to “keep it fresh” performing as a four piece at Gazelle’s album launch and as a three piece at their upcoming gig at Assembly. Now you know.)