FTTW score Almay Ad

A while ago in Your LMG, I tipped Fire Through The Window to be one of the biggest pop tart acts to come out of South Africa in a good while and surprise, surprise, they’re more than well on their way to doing so.

International cosmetics powerhouse, Almay have used FTTW’s ‘Do Do Do’ (that really catchy one) in their latest television campaign featuring spokesmodel and actress, Kate Hudson.

No strangers to advertising, FTTW’s songs have been used in a whole host of local ads before – twice by iPod, twice by Shox and once each by Mr Price & SL Magazine. This international campaign, which will screen for a minimum of two years, has already been spotted on screens in the USA, UK and SA and is a giant feather in the cap of these darling Durbanites.

If you can get over the fact that Kate Hudson (Matthew Bellamy trapper) is in the ad below, then give it a little watch.

I love it when I’m right.

FTTW are back in Cape Town on the 19th (Stellies – Bohemia) and 21st (CBD – Mercury).