The Aztec Sapphire Release New Song

If you’ve ever listened to my show on Assembly Radio you’ll know that Motheo Moleko and I have tonnes of love for The Aztec Sapphire.

In April this year The Aztec Sapphire played at Tuesdays On Fire to a packed &Union and it was, quite simply, one of the best performances we’ve had there to-date.

Young and full of bustling talent, I’ve tipped them on numerous occasions as “ones to watch”.

Their debut 10 minute long track ‘Visitors’ notched up just under 3000 hits on their Soundcloud page and although slightly long and self-gratuitous, set the tone for things to come. Today they release their second track ‘Conflicted’. The rise and fall of their melody is delicate and the vocals are complementary, but it will take time to grow on you.

With all the hype around them I was kinda worried that they would out-gig themselves, as is the case with so many newer bands that surface, but it looks like they have a game plan, which I like. It shows forward-thought.  Out of all the indie-esque kids floating around nowadays, these are the ones that are going to be leading the way pretty soon.

Listen to ‘Conflicted’ below.