Texx Talks

Texx Talks Look Back gives you a chance to recap on an epic Season 1 of SA’s newest music interview podcast

For this episode we will be looking back at some of our favourite moments from Season 1, reveal what went into the recording of each episode, and hit you with some exciting announcements in anticipation of Season 2.

But first, we think it’s high time we properly introduce ourselves.

While almost everyone who knows our host calls her Texx, her real name is Tecla Ciolfi and she’s been a part of the South African music industry for the last 10 years – namely as the founder of Texx and the City, a music website that spotlights the best underground & unsigned musicians in South Africa across multiple genres.

Texx Talks was born when Texx and producer, Jonathan Inggs, got together at Van Hunks in Cape Town for a day drinking session. Cut to another day drinking session a few months later at The Royale in Joburg, and Texx Talks was born.

Just like Texx and The City, the aim behind this podcast is to spotlight the multiple genres that make South Africa, and to a larger extent, Africa, such a rich musical melting pot.

Together with our second producer Matthew Loots, who edits Texx Talks to perfection, and Al Clapper who assists in doing research on each interview subject, we really could not have asked for a better team.

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Listen to Texx Talks Look Back below.

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We are also collaborating with The Good Times Co. for this Episode.


Established in 2019, and founded on two decades of experience in the South African entertainment industry, The Good Times Co is a modern management, bookings and event concept agency that seeks to pioneer a way for its eclectic heritage in Europe.

At its core, The Good Times Co fosters a culture of collaboration that not only guides its vision of offering African talent a gateway to Europe, but also informs its passion to provide European events, festivals and venues with the opportunity to work with exciting and globally relevant music from the continent.