December Streets celebrate a decade on the scene with a lavish lockdown single “Last Forever”

December Streets have been pretty busy over the last six months. Their viral #TogetherAtHome campaign garnered them a global audience and elevated the band’s presence across the world, while “Haters” dropped in April and climbed the charts all over the country.

Now the band look to celebrate a well-deserved decade on the SA music scene with the release of their much anticipated single “Last Forever” – which comes right on time for your summer playlists.

The boys teamed up with legendary producer Paul Gala (Bad Future Records) for this one and the result is what might be their most meaningful release yet.

While the song carries the energy and happiness of the carefree times, the lyrics come from a real, sometimes overlooked place – a reminder that nothing lasts forever. But then they also impart a message of hope: that the path you create for yourself moving forward will be stronger and even more beautiful than the one before, and you have the ability to walk positively into a new chapter of your life.

“It’s a journey, and I’d rather sing and celebrate my experiences to grow into a stronger human, ultimately elevating the next chapters of my life,’ says frontman Tristan Coetzee.

Because in the end, all you actually have control of is yourself, your life and how you choose your journey.