New Hero launch campaign to get booked for Ultra South Africa and they have our attention

We’re all about supporting the little guy, but make no mistake, New Hero (Scottie Moore and Keaton Anthony) is so far from being a small fry. And yet playing Ultra SA, a stage they were born to dominate, has eluded them.

“Every year we work extremely hard on our live show and music, with only the large festivals in mind. Mainly Ultra. And despite creating some of the biggest local dance anthems on radio, we always get overlooked. We understand there are so many artists trying to get on one line-up, so it can’t be easy for whoever does the bookings,” Keaton told us when we hit him up for a comment.

Over the years, New Hero have created some of the biggest dance tracks to chart on SA radio, they’ve been #1 on Beatport and they’ve crafted a highly unique live set where it’s always a jol no matter the size of the crowd.

With Ultra SA being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, electronic festival in the country, you’d expect them to at least have played there once, right? Wrong! But hey, it’s not Ultra SA’s fault, these things happen when there’s an insurmountable pile of admin to get through, which is where we come in.

Ultra SA, TATC hearts you and we think it would be pretty rad of you to include New Hero on your line-up this year. We even had a sneaky listen to one of their new tracks and we just know it’ll sound epic through those world class speakers of yours. Help make New Hero’s whole year, we know you’re cool like that. Kisses. X