Watch Spoegwolf ring out 2019 with their expertly tempered video for “Seile”

Spoegwolf are one of the few groups who rose from strength to strength in 2019 and they ended off the year with a performance-rooted video for “Seile”, one of their most vibrant releases to-date.

Off their upcoming album See, set to drop in early February (these guys tend to drop an album a year these days) the song tracks a percussive, fine-tuned line this time around.

Spoegwolf cut no corners, boldly straddling the line between anthemic rock and honed indie-pop verse. It’s unexpectedly finely tempered – awash in subtle organic percussion and choruses which drop with implosive restraint.

The video is a collection of simple hand-held clips slapped together with the sort of DIY finesse. It’s nothing to write home about really – just a couple of colourful frames chronicling everything from a heaving Kirstenbosch gig, to some kick-back band shenanigans – but it captures a whole lot of who they are as a group and it’s just about as wholesome and feel-good as it gets.