Dubblé Amount’s latest studio album, Murky, is an intrepidly diverse take on electronic rock

Following on in the wake of his single “The Rush” in August last year, Dubblé Amount (real name Wouter Maré) has now dropped a full length studio album titled Murky, and it’s 100% true to the electro indie-rock sound he’s spent the last 10 years of his career cultivating.

Opener “Open Eyes” feels very ’90s, with vocals steeped in layered processing and guitar licks that stretch out over a rolling bass line. It’s a fondly nostalgic sound, for sure, but in all honesty it does feel a little too ’90s. Which is not to say that having an old-school sound is a bad thing, but this and tracks like “Against All Odds” or “Going in Alone” seem too outdated to compete with a lot of today’s experimental alt-rock forerunners. 

Still the album is filled with bold electronic takes that redeem its out-of-touch contemporaneity. “Everytime I’m Here” hinges on slippery frequencies and a moody instrumental mix that’s both promising and exciting, while “You Know It’s Real” has a cool touch of ’80’s new wave rhythms. 

By the end of it all, you realise just how much is going on here, from the range of genres to the spaced synth production, and while Murky may be lacking invention, Dubblé Amount is nevertheless nurturing an individual sound worth recognition.