Moza ’Frique teams up with KatzTheSingR to wax lyrical on collaboration in his video for “Are You Winning?”

Moza ’Frique has not been idle. When you can’t shoot your Afro-fusion jive of a music video in the actual club, deck your living room in tinsel and streamers and let rip there. That’s how his latest video came about and he flexes just as hard from the comfort of his own home.

Joining forces with previous The Voice SA contestant KatzTheSingR for some honey-toned female vox additions, Moza ’Frique’s latest single “Are You Winning” poses some appropriate questions on just what it means to win, and the sheer importance of collaboration in this endeavour. An apt reminder for the creative scene at large – which thrives on collaboration far more than it’s often given credit for. 

Navigating his trademark strain of Afro-fusion meets hip-hop penchants, a hollow percussive beat holds down the fort here, while rhythm-rooted R&B notions weave through the sound. An underlying almost kwaito beat pits it against the infectious energy of a township jive – only it’s a little more polished and a little more refined. 

KatzTheSingR croons while Moza ’Frique drops bars – seamlessly bouncing off one another. The club-lit, sparkle-packed video lends a hazy, quintessential quality to the whole thing. A crisp yet DIY visual meets an equally dextrous production and combusts.