Grace De La Hunt’s latest video is a vibrant electro-pop message to the people to “Spread Your Love”

Here to spread the love is Grace De La Hunt’s latest single and video, fresh off the press to deliver some positivity in the questionable times we’re living through. Penned by Zolani Mahola (Freshlyground) and Partic van Blerk, “Spread Your Love” is actually based on Cesária Évora’s Cape Verdean original – only this time around there’s plenty of pop proclivities to go around, and a sweeping Cape Town backdrop to boot. 

Produced by Sean Ross, “Spread Your Love” finds its feet in chiming pop prettiness. It’s underpinned by a driving though subtle bassline which keeps the momentum high. De La Hunt’s vocals ring through, clear-cut and clarified. But in spite of the textbook production, something feels a little lacking. Perhaps it’s the choral repetitions milked one too many times, or the unpredictable undertone to the backing textures. 

Regardless, De La Hunt delivers with striking poise. The accompanying music video – one of two, the first being an animated counterpart – sets her against varying Capetonian backdrops: from mysterious horse-handler in the forest, classic grace set against the Atlantic, or sequin-donned and awash in pink club lights. 

It’s invariably upbeat, bolstered on carefree simplicity and a message to drive home and bop to – either way.

Feature pic supplied by artist