Sincerely Anne’s latest single “Dying to Love You” is an ode to learning to reclaim yourself after love

With a name like “Dying to Love You”, Sincerely Anne’s latest single – and accompanying music video – was poised to be delivered with an equally dramatic flair. And deliver she does.

Gripping from the get-go and tinged with just enough dark-pop energy to catapult it into uber-atmospheric territory, it’s the kind of song that worms its way into your brain and takes up residence (in a good way). 

Falling somewhere between ethereal and haunting, Anne’s vocals are nothing short of captivating and are easily the highlight of the song, lending gravitas to lyrics that weave a tale of coming to terms with incompatibility in a relationship and learning to let go. A stark contrast to the song’s overall sound, which features a driving beat and electronic-led melodies, these expansive harmonies add an atmospheric element to “Dying to Love You” that makes it really stand out.

Capturing the essence of the song – albeit in a kind of Avant Garde way – is the accompanying music video conceptualised by Anne and directed by Ilse Moore. Depicting Anne in a relationship with a man who appears as a mannequin in barely-there glitches, the video really breathes life into the notion of loving someone who does not reciprocate – and the importance of reclaiming oneself when it ends.

Feature pic supplied by artist