Dominic Fike’s new video for “Chicken Tenders” is his special way of telling you that he DGAF about genre conventions

I’m at the point in my obsession where I’m ready to risk it all for Dominic Fike.

Ever since that fated evening in my kitchen when shuffle introduced me to the alternative pop star, I’ve been spreading the gospel to whoever will listen – from his debut EP to his artsy video for ear worm “3 Nights” – and finally people are beginning to pay attention.

It’s okay, I understand that all good things take time. Clearly Fike understands this as well, having spent the last few months hard at work on his debut album, the fruits of which we’re finally beginning to taste.

“Chicken Tenders” is exactly the kind of left-field pop song I was not expecting from Fike. The singer has moved into much more of an indie direction than I ever thought he would, but my prediction is that this will be what ultimately distinguishes him and makes him a household name.

Directed by Jack Begert (Kendrick Lamar “God Is Gangsta”, Doja Cat “Bottom Bitch”), the video is trippy and abstract and follows Fike through his surreal psyche after waking up in a hotel room.

While fantasy clearly suits Fike, reality has been much harsher on him, which he detailed in a powerful Instagram essay he shared which laid bare his own history with police brutality growing up in Florida in America.

For someone to take a stand for what matters so early in their career, while most would be more concerned with building an image, show’s that Fike is no flake and I stan a grounded man. Bring on that album.